Our history

The adventure of this place, which is full of culinary traditions, authenticity and love for good food, started with Anna and Antonio Pasini Casadei...

Our cuisine

At Restaurant Anna you can enjoy the rich heritage of the gastronomic history of Emilia-Romagna. Flavours, smells and traditional techniques.

Our staff

About 40 years since the birth of the restaurant, Anna’s lively soul still enjoys the family’s cooperation that is headed by Verdiana and Mauro.

The Restaurant

Walking through the streets of Forlimpopoli, a short walk from the Rocca, we find one of the excellent restaurants of Emilia-Romagna, Restaurant Anna.

Home of good food and gourmet restaurant, it is here that you can breathe and enjoy the expertise that comes from four generations in the service of food.

Esterno Ristorante Anna - Forlimpopoli

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